Voices of Resistance Festival

Date: 17-11-2023, 19:30-02:00

Location: Theater Kikker (Utrecht)

Collectives Arts of Resistance and Papaya Kuir join forces! Especially for What You See Festival, they create a unique evening full of decolonial voices. With artists, artisans and activists from the Global South, they dismantle the ongoing impact of colonialism.

Invitees from Asia to Latin America come together and show their fighting spirit, strength and resistance. A mini-festival with performances, exhibitions, workshops, live music, conversations and rituals. Including performances by Anima Ruissen and Papaya Kuir, workshops by Wasjikwa and Justin Reiner Croes, a panel discussion with Alejandra Ortiz and Coni Ledesma, live music by Marikit Saturay, Una Nota Perdida and Pravini Baboeram. Finally, DJs Ivicore, Polemik and Eurowitch end the evening with an epic party.

You can join for the full evening or buy tickets for the concerts/party after 22:00 only here.

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