Body, Mind & Soul - Healing through Movement

Date: 12-02-2023

Location: Ru Paré

During this workshop you will embark on a bodily journey led by Kuda Nemane. Kuda is a true body & soul worker. He combines yoga with martial arts to create a balance between emotional health (mind) & physical health. Through his years of experience with bodywork, Kuda discovered that the body has an intelligence of its own: the Gaia force. When this energy can flow freely through the body, body, mind and soul are in harmony.

Kuda Nemane is a holistic wellness practitioner who has been in the field of healing for over 14 years. He works as a massage therapist and personal trainer and has created various online teaching programs and provides team building workshops for schools and businesses. When Kuda was 18 he joined a school for martial arts and yoga, after which he and his team ended up teaching this throughout North and South Europe. Their training focused on all levels of health and life, namely physical, mental and energetic exercises. He describes it as a combination of power yoga, gymnastics, various styles of Asian martial arts, mixed in with African rhythmic movements. Through his work, Kuda facilitates a deeper understanding of (body)intuition and how to access and use it to guide us to more physical balance and balance in life as a whole.


Location: Ru Paré

Date: Sunday 12th of February

Time: 13:00 – 16:00h

Language: English / Dutch

Fee: NONE!

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