Festival / Reclaiming the City

Date: 12-12-2020

Location: Studio/K, Amsterdam


Jennifer Muntslag
Wouter Pocornie
Angelo Ormskerk
Shishani Vranckx
Malique Mohamud
Dean Bowen
Miss Catharsis
Chidi Onwuka

On Saturday December 12 we will kick off this renewed collaboration with a festival. The evening consists of a series of performances, live music and a critical panel discussion on protest music, social activism and the role of music in community building. We will talk about current issues around gentrification and inclusion in the cultural field of big cities such as Amsterdam. Speaking and listening to a variety of revolutionary artists and social organizers, we will investigate the role of the arts to envision and build a more just society.

We will open the evening with the short movie Exodus of Dean Bowen, followed by a short performance and a talk with the audience. The evening will continue with a panel discussion and a performance by storyteller Chidi Onwuka. The discussion will be followed by live music. First the Afrogrooves houseband will kick off with a set, followed by Miss Catharsis, an all-female band voicing stories by women of colour, where the personal is political.

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